Lunch Order Form



Hello OLQA Families!

    Welcome Back to our returning families and Welcome to OLQA to our new Families!  Attached is the Menu for September. Please note that our lunch program is starting on a Tuesday this year on September 12th. I will go over the program for any new families in more detail on meet the teacher night. In the meantime please remember the follow:

  • Lunches are pre purchased. If you are not purchasing monthly, please hand in order form by the weekly deadline date
  • Please hand in the form with lunch and make sure your child’s name is on the form. Often I receive envelopes with money inside and No order or a form with No name. This makes the process a bit difficult. Every child who orders lunch receives a ticket for that day. If I do not have a name to a form then I am unaware that your child should have received a ticket.
  • We always have an alternative lunch if your child forgets one at home. Please understand that they will ONLY be offered the alternative choice not the lunch of the day.
  • Milk & water can be purchase daily. 50 cents for chocolate or white. We have large and small water bottles $.50 &$1.00. (full day pre-k students can purchase milk as well)
  • We have a snack window for grades K-8. Snacks CAN NOT be pre purchased. If your child wishes to purchase a snack during lunch the cost is $.50-1.00. Grades k-4 can purchase only 1 snack per lunch period.

I will have a snack list available at meet the Teacher night. Please note that some snacks do change depending on availability.

Food items that do not require an order form and that are available daily for $1.00

  • Bagels (butter or cream cheese)
  • PBJ
  • Salad
  • Hummus with chips
  • We also have carrots and ranch dressing for $.50


Here’s to a fabulous Year!

Mrs. Koerber