Homework Extension

Kindergarten Homework Extension

Please use these activities if you wish to challenge your child upon completion of the weekly homework.  Write a brief log telling which activities you completed.


Starfall Click on the “I’m Reading” tab.  Choose a story and activity. 

Softschools  You may print out phonics worksheets from this site.

Storyline Listen to a story and then write about your favorite part.  Be sure to tell me the title of the book, the author, and who read it to you!

Garfield's Fishing With Phonics Play a fishing game with Garfield and see if you can match letters to sounds



Choose math games to play online

Cookie More math games to play online

Softschools  You may print out math worksheets from this site.


Fun & Games

Click on the pictures below to visit educational websites with fun games and activities. 


Please remember that these activities do not have to be completed; they are meant to provide an extension for those students who would like a challenge.

Ms. Nelson