5th Grade


Welcome February

The month of February is dedicated to The Holy Family
Pray as a family so you may become The Holy Family, too

Thank you to all who helped make Catholic Schools Week such a successful and fun time!!!

It is hard to believe Ash Wednesday is a few weeks away! We will receive ashes as a class.  It is an early dismissal day for all grades.

We will be finishing up our Reading Unit on What Makes People do the Right Thing?  Our present story..... A Summer's Trade... focuses on why people make sacrifices for others??

We are still working on graphing ordered pairs and will be working on line graphs.We are into the 50's in Simple Solution!!!

We are excited about our trip to the Museum of Natural History in April!  Details will be coming home!!

Our Schedule

Monday     Gym  and  Spanish
Tuesday     Technology
Wednesday     Gym
Thursday     Art
Friday     Music